Chinese Learning Centre in Sydney

The Chinese Learning Centre, formerly the National Institute of Chinese Education was formed by the Australian Fujian Association in 2004. Now located in the Sydney Inner West after relocating from the previouslocation, on the Sydney North Shore, the CLC is part of the state funded programs for the NSW Federation of languages Incorporated. Collaborating closely with the Bilingualism Research Lab at Western Sydney University, CLC’s aim is to facilitate Mandarin language learning in a very simplified way. The early childhood bilingual language course is an innovative program and this concept was developed by leading bilingualism expert A/Professor Qi at Western Sydney University using empirical study, based on sound academic research, to enable children to learn mandarin easily.

Holistic Chinese bilingualism program

CLC holistic bilingualism program work closely with research teams from both Western Sydney University and Macquarie University.These teams have provided CLC with an innovative bilingualism program tailored for young Australians.The program aims at addressing four areas of challenges in English/ Chinese bilingualism in Australia.CLC collaborated with universities:

  • To design and adapt specialist bilingualism programs for Australian children;
  • To design specialist teacher training programs for teachers to deliver these programs;
  • To develop education seminars to enable parents and communities to support our effort;
  • To rally community and government sponsors to create a overseas children Chinese environment & culture to support age and developmental appropriate and relevant learning;

Language Learning Facts

  • Language learning is a natural ability for human beings. People who can learn first language can learn a second language.
  • The best way to learn a language is total immersion.
  • An English native speaker‟s ability to pick up Chinese (communicative) requires between 1000 – 1200 immersion hours.
  • Suitable age to pick up a new language is before twelve years old.
  • It takes an average three months for a child under twelve years old to understand a second language in a total immersion environment.
  • Children learn through play.